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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Queen City PYT do?
    Katie teaches medical therapeutic yoga, which is the practice of yoga as medicine in rehabilitation and wellness by licensed healthcare professionals. Katie also helps people to cure their chronic pain or symptoms through techniques learned at the beyond pain certification. Together we work on whatever your goals may be, such as improve your fitness level, flexibility, balance or strength. A treatment session may include medical therapeutic yoga, and/or physical therapy techniques such as neuromuscular re-education, balance training, stretching, strengthening, therapeutic exercise, pain education or manual therapy.
  • Who does Katie treat?
    Katie works with all ages and stages, from the professional athlete who would like to enhance performance and heal injury, to the grandmother who would like to get up and down off the floor with his or her grandchildren. Katie also treats children and adolescents with various issues such as chronic pain, injuries, strains, overuse, weakness, anxiety, etc.
  • How do the individual sessions work?
    You can meet Katie at her home office, your home or a mutually agreed location. She will guide you through a program designed specifically for you, using the biopsychosocial model. Sometimes people may just need one session and leave with recommendations to improve their health including a personalized exercise program. Other times people may need or want 2-3 sessions a week to achieve their goals. This is not "cookie cutter" physical therapy. Everyone is different, therefore every session is tailored specifically to the client.
  • What are common conditions you treat?
    Common conditions are back pain, neck pain, migraines, headaches, anxiety, sprains, strains, scoliosis, brain injuries, concussions, post-surgery, post- partum issues, chronic pain, anxiety, tightness, cancer recovery, long COVID, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, tinnitus, sports injuries, total joint replacements, upper and lower extremity injuries, prolonged withdrawl symptoms and neuromuscular diseases. Katie treats patients of all ages and activity levels from pediatrics to geriatrics and sedentary to professional athletes.
  • Do you teach group classes?
    Katie teaches small group yoga therapy sessions to enhance the safety of your yoga practice through proper alignment and breathing techniques. She also teaches couples and family yoga sessions, which can help incorporate wellness techniques into your busy life to enhance the health of your whole family. Katie also teaches group yoga and meditation classes in schools and churches for children of all ages. She teaches workshops, speaking about health and wellness. Katie does group yoga sessions for business organizations, churches and retreats.
  • Can Katie really help me to get out of pain or ease chronic symptoms?
    Katie has helped countless people get out of pain for good and get rid of persistent symptoms. She teaches clients about the mind-body connection and the neuroscience behind pain recovery. She has done multiple courses on pain recovery and understands it well herself as she recovered from 20 years of persistent pain. What are you waiting for? You only have this one life. Take control over your pain. Call today.
  • Do I need a home gym to participate?
    No. Katie provides the equipment. All you need is space for a yoga mat.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Everyone's body and mind are different. The number of sessions is something you and your therapist will decide upon together. Katie tries to treat the client in as few sessions as possible.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Because the level of treatment is so much more than a typical physical therapist, Katie does not take insurance but does take HSA, cards, cash, venmo, paypal, check or zelle. She will provide you with a superbill to submit to insurance as an out of network provider. With high deductibles you may end up paying the same as a traditional PT but you will receive a much higher level of care with queen city PYT.
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